Dew can offer the entire range of products and services for Energy recovery, pollution control, water and water management, Fossil fuel fired Power plants.

The Cement industry has a very capital and energy intensive structure. Cement plants involve various material handling processes which are integrated with chemical process for the production of various grades of cement. Particulate emission control and competitive cost of power are some of the key attributes for the success of the cement plant.

Motors & Compressors Cooling

As very heavy motors are installed all over cement plant, the cheapest way to cool the same is through cooling water. With Cooling water starts problem of scaling, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth.

Dew specialize in providing cement units with unique water treatment chemicals and equipment’s to prevent deposits due to heavy load of suspended particles in air or scaling due to water impurities.

Captive Power

Power plants water and fuel treatment based on variety of fuels including waste heat recovery based plants. Boiler water treatment for Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion (AFBC) boilers, Circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) boilers, Exhaust gas boilers, Waste heat recovery systems.

Water & Waste Solutions

Raw water treatment plant for utilities, desalination plants, water filtration & softening system for direct or indirect cooling systems, drinking water treatment plants, oil-water separation (effluent treatment),effluent thickeners, sewage treatment plants for residential colonies.