Bacteria Culture

Dew’s proprietary bacterial culture products for wastewater treatment are the culmination of extensive research and development, coupled with years of experience in bioaugmentation. Our bacterial cultures are offered in various concentrations to maximize economy, flexibility, and effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Highly concentrated bacterial cultures, offering significant savings and reduced costs compared to other products.
  • Effectively treats municipal and industrial wastewaters, surfactants, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, fats, oils, greases, BOD, and sludges.
  • Utilizes bacterial activity and enzyme production for successful degradation, including proteases, lipases, amylases, ureases, cellulases, and reductases.
  • Ideal for high-strength organic and solids loading situations, controlling odor, BOD reduction, and sludge reduction.


Bioaugmentation for Enhanced Performance:

Dew BC+ bacterial cultures are blends of selected strains that improve biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal from industrial effluent. They enhance the performance of biological wastewater treatment systems, especially under challenging conditions such as channeling, variable flow rates, and cold weather.

Tailored Solutions for Various Applications:

Our microbial formulations target a wide range of applications, including municipal and industrial activated sludge wastewater treatment, anaerobic digesters, grease traps, ponds, composting, animal production facilities, hydrocarbon spills, and more.

Synergistic Solutions:

Dew’s product lines complement each other for comprehensive solutions. For example, DEWTREAT-415 separates oil from water emulsions, followed by DEWTREAT-BC-7036 to remove remaining oil traces, enabling water recycling.

Expert Support:

Our team of microbiologists provides technical assistance to ensure optimal results. We welcome inquiries and collaborate closely with clients to address waste and wastewater treatment challenges effectively.

For advanced bacterial culture solutions and expert support, reach out to Dew today. Experience the difference in waste and wastewater treatment with Dew’s innovative products and dedicated team.