Waste Water Treatment

Dew offers combination of wastewater technologies for settling, aeration, biological treatment, bioreactors, anaerobic treatment, wastewater clarification, digestion, separation, chemical feed, disinfection, sludge treatment and odour control equipment.

Dew designs, engineers, manufactures, commissions and services industrial effluent treatment systems. Our solutions include both chemical-physical treatment and biological systems (aerobic and anaerobic). We remove organic and inorganic pollution from wastewater, and we treat secondary effluent for industrial reuse as boiler feed water or cooling tower makeup. We integrates physical and chemical processes to provide reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions without modification.

With more than 300 installations in 40 countries, Dew wastewater treatment system are applied in some of the world’s finest power plants, refineries, chemical production facilities, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical and a variety of manufacturing facilities.

Packaged plants with short delivery time and very simple works on site allow to treat and reuse waste water at a very short notice.

Dew have extensive range of Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • Packaged Treatment Plant
  • Aerobic treatment system
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Anaerobic filter
  • API oil-water separator
  • Anaerobic lagoon
  • Bioreactor
  • FBR
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Coarse bubble diffusers
  • Dissolved Air flotation
  • Electrocoagulation
  • Tube Settler
  • Clarifiers
  • Expanded granular sludge bed digestion
  • Fine bubble diffusers
  • Flocculation & sedimentation
  • Flotation process
  • Froth flotation
  • Ion exchange
  • Membrane bioreactor
  • Activated sludge systems
  • Advanced Oxidation Process
  • Evaporator
  • Oil-water separator
  • Ozonater
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Sand /Multigrade filter
  • Sedimentation
  • Submerged aerated filter
  • MBBR
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion
  • Centrifuge
  • Filter Press
  • Recycling