Businesses are constantly seeking new avenues for improvement, and outsourcing offers one pathway to achieve this goal. By entrusting select business activities to external resources with specialized expertise, companies can redirect their focus towards core business functions. Outsourcing facilitates improved efficiencies, reduced operational costs, enhanced risk management, and service guarantees, all while alleviating the burden of capital expenditure, especially in financially challenging times.

The Role of Industrial Water Management in Outsourcing

For many companies, water and wastewater treatment systems represent non-revenue generating, non-core assets. Staff layoffs and resource constraints have often resulted in decreased efficiency and inadequate data management. Limited investment in equipment upgrades and operations further exacerbates operational challenges and cost escalation. Recognizing this, outsourcing emerges as a compelling option to transform water management into a strategic business advantage.

Considerations in Outsourcing Water Systems

When contemplating outsourcing water systems, companies should evaluate various aspects, including design and construction, plant upgrades, operations and maintenance, and technical support services. Additionally, considerations such as process water supply, treatment reuse and recycling, chemicals, waste management, and project financing must be taken into account. The decision to outsource should align with the specific needs and challenges of each site.

Our Outsourcing Model: Empowering Clients

Our outsourcing model empowers clients by offering decision-making control, fostering true partnership with the outsourcer, and sharing risks. We ensure accountability and guarantee equal or greater system reliability at a reduced cost.

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

To determine if outsourcing is suitable for your organization, consider the following:

  • Is your organization profit-driven?
  • Does your outsourcing project have top management support?
  • Do you know your primary objectives for outsourcing?
  • Do you have clarity on the data needed to make outsourcing decisions?
  • Have you identified the assets you want to outsource?
  • Are there external or internal factors driving your outsourcing project?
  • Have you budgeted for a feasibility study?
  • Have you addressed potential obstacles to outsourcing?
  • Have you considered personnel implications, including union-related issues?


If you’ve answered yes to seven or more questions, your organization is well-positioned for outsourcing. We offer guidance through the outsourcing process, mitigating risks and ensuring informed decisions. Let us help you unlock the benefits of outsourcing and drive your business forward.