Metal Treatment

Welcome to Dew’s comprehensive range of surface treatment solutions. From degreasing to phosphating, our products are meticulously formulated to meet the diverse needs of industrial metal surface preparation. Whether you’re in need of efficient degreasing agents or high-quality phosphating chemicals, Dew offers tailored solutions for various metal substrates such as mild steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum surfaces.

Phosphating Chemicals:

Our phosphating chemicals conform to industry standards such as IS 3618/6005 and BS 3189, as well as defense specifications. We offer a range of phosphating solutions tailored for various metal substrates:

Iron Phosphating Chemicals

  • Cleaner Coater System (Degreasing and Phosphating in single stage)
  • Chemicals suitable for mild steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Zinc Phosphating Chemicals

  • Light, medium and heavy zinc phosphate coating
  • Nickel and Nitrate free
  • Self acclerated
  • Chemicals Low temperature operating


Manganese Phosphating Chemicals

  • Medium to Heavy Coating weight
  • Good Oil retention property
  • Controlled Film Thickness


Our degreasing chemicals are formulated to effectively remove oil and loose impurities from metal surfaces. We offer tailor-made products designed specifically for mild steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum surfaces. Our range includes both mild and heavy-duty degreasing chemicals, catering to various industrial needs. Our caustic-free formulations contain biodegradable surfactants, ensuring environmentally friendly solutions. These chemicals operate efficiently across a wide temperature range and feature special additives to separate oil from the degreasing bath. Suitable for both spray and dip applications, our degreasing chemicals provide versatile solutions for industrial cleaning requirements.

Other Products:

  • Derusting: Our derusting products efficiently remove rust from metal surfaces, preparing them for further processing or finishing.

  • Surface Conditioner: Designed to improve the surface condition of metals, our surface conditioner products help enhance adhesion and finish quality.

  • Passivation: Our passivation chemicals create a protective layer on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and ensuring long-term durability.