Dew construction products offers a wide range of innovative specialty construction chemicals and materials that includes: concrete admixtures and fibers, liquid pigments for colored concrete, cement processing additives, concrete masonry products, air and vapor barriers, roofing underlayments, self-adhered window, door and deck flashings, structural waterproofing systems products.

As a leader in the construction products industry, Dew products are specified by architects and engineers and are used by contractors, ready mix, precast and block producers, cement manufacturers to enhance the durability, strength and appearance of structures found in many major construction projects. Many of the world’s most challenging building problems have been solved by Dew’s premium construction chemicals and building materials.

Dew has pioneered the science of cement and concrete technology, developing a line of admixtures to enhance the production and quality of concrete blocks, pavers and segmental retaining wall units.

Concrete admixtures for ready mix and precast applications.

Dew’s construction products offer concrete admixtures, reinforcement, and liquid pigments that make concrete stronger, crack resistant, and cost efficient. Our admixtures improve the quality, strength, durability, and appearance of concrete, all backed with the best technical customer service and support in the industry.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the construction industry today. Used in the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets, ready mixed concrete meets and exceeds the challenges of the construction industry. New technologies such as high-strength concrete, pervious concrete, self-consolidating concrete and the application of color and texture have increased the appeal of concrete as a building material.

Since 1995 Dew has dedicated itself to providing the ready mixed concrete industry with a full range of the most technologically advanced chemical admixtures. Strength, durability, and place ability have always been and continue to be important issues to ready mix concrete producers. Today, ready mix producers face even more demands from their customers, who are increasingly expecting concrete that is aesthetically-pleasing, more sustainable, more durable, easier to place and safer to use. Project delays can be extremely costly, which is why we complement our product offering with one-on-one customer support. Dispenser service, troubleshooting, mix design support and jobsite service are all part of the Dew offering.

Precast / Prestressed Concrete

Utilizing technological expertise and experience, DEW brings new and innovative admixture technology to the precast / prestressed concrete market. We develop and implement innovations that bring value, including: self-consolidating concrete, workability and place ability improvements, set control and shrinkage reduction, durability and corrosion control, and production efficiencies.. With Dew utilizing high-range water-reducing and viscosity-modifying admixtures, concrete producers can achieve high-fluidity, enhanced stability, and other unique properties.


For more than 20 years, Dew’s construction products have been a leader in the advancement of waterproofing technologies and solutions. Dew combines innovative technologies and time-tested products to provide reliable waterproofing solutions for virtually all above grade and below grade applications. Today, billions of square feet of construction have been installed from Dew. Our membrane drainage composites are the basis for quality waterproofing systems, helping to protect structures from the damaging effects of water.

Fireproofing -spray applied cementitious fireproofing

Protecting a building from fire is serious business. That’s why spray applied cementitious fireproofing is specified by architects and favored by applicators to protect a building’s structural steel from failure in the event of fire. Recognized worldwide for their in-place performance and superior durability, Dew products can be found in all types of buildings including high-rise construction, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and sports facilities. These products provide a formidable last line of defense in the event of fire.