Water Audits

At Dew, we understand the critical role that utility audits play in identifying avenues for cost reduction and profit maximization in utilities. Here’s how our audit services can benefit your operations:

  1. Proactive Improvement Opportunities – Annual turnover in the utility department necessitates proactive identification of improvement opportunities and formulation of management objectives. Our audits provide valuable insights to drive continuous improvement.
  2. Supplier Accountability – Introduction of a new supplier often follows poor service or high costs. Our comprehensive audits evaluate operating efficiencies and treatment programs to ensure supplier accountability and optimize costs.
  3. Pre-Expansion Evaluation – Prior to plant expansion, our audits explore options to meet increased utility needs and reduce expansion costs. We identify opportunities for efficiency enhancements to support your expansion plans.
  4. Capacity Optimization – As utility systems near capacity, our audits uncover opportunities for water conservation or reuse, potentially eliminating the need for costly equipment investments.
  5.  Outsourcing Preparation – For plants considering outsourcing, understanding baseline operating efficiencies and costs is crucial. Our audits provide the necessary insights to negotiate equitable service fees and ensure smooth outsourcing transitions.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We review influent, boiler, cooling, and wastewater systems at each site to maximize asset availability and reliability while minimizing operating and maintenance costs. Our services include:

  • Annual On-Site Audits: We lead annual water system audits and provide detailed reports outlining improvement opportunities.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment: Our engineering consulting services and laboratory analyses diagnose issues and recommend effective treatment solutions.
  • Treatment Plan Evaluation: We assess current programs to enhance results, lower costs, and standardize treatment and monitoring protocols.
  • Training: We offer training for plant personnel to ensure correct monitoring and control of water treatment programs.
  • Quick Response: Our team provides rapid responses to urgent problems to minimize downtime and disruptions.
  • Consultation: Cost-effective phone/fax consultations offer timely resolution of various issues.
  • Specialist Referral: We provide access to cutting-edge technologies and industry experts to address specific challenges effectively.

At Dew, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that optimize your utility operations, reduce costs, and drive sustainable profitability.