Swimming Pool Equipments

You can save energy and maintain a comfortable swimming pool temperature by using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and by operating it less. The larger the pump, the greater your pumping and maintenance costs. Therefore, you want to use the smallest size pump possible for your swimming pool. By decreasing the pool circulation system’s hydraulic resistance, you can reduce the pump’s electricity use by up to 40%. Dew supplies world leading pumps for swimming pool filtration system.

Sand and Activated Carbon filters

We offer a wide range of Pressure Filters that we extensively used to filter water and remove suspended particle, color and odor from it. The filters are widely appreciated for their reliable performance and efficiency. The entire range of water treatment systems can also be customized as per the specification detailed by the clients. Activated carbon filters we manufacture are widely used to remove suspended particles, turbidity, odor, color and iron present in the raw water. These filters provide fresh water and are easy to operate. These filters are available in all metallurgies.

Cartridge filters

We manufacture and offer a wide spectrum of cartridge filters that are highly acknowledged for their compactness and high porosity. The entire range is fabricated using thermally bonded polypropylene micro fibers and offer high capacity for dirt holding, low pressure loss and unremitting performance. These filters are appropriate with most chemical processes and are free of additives. These are widely used in swimming pool water filteration.


We manufacture complete range of skimmer for removal of oil and other debris from swimming pools.

Ultrafilteration & Reverse Osmosis

We manufacture precision engineered UF & RO plants that are perfectly designed for swimming pools application. Where swimming pool owner find there water hard and unsuitable for human use.


Other equipments which may be optioned in the recirculation system include pool water heaters. They can be heat pumps, natural gas or propane gas heaters, electric heaters, and Solar hot water panel heaters – increasingly used in sustainable design of pools.

Ultra Violet Disinfection System

By unsettling DNA Ultraviolet energy causes permanent deactivation of micro-organisms so that they are no longer able to uphold metabolism or reproduce. With the most effective wavelength typically at 254nm, the maximum effectiveness occurs at between 240nm and 280nm.. All bacteria, spores, viruses and protozoa (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia oocytes) are permanently inactivated.