Waste Water Chemicals

Dew extensive range of technically advanced wastewater treatment chemicals have been specifically developed to be used across a wide range of effluent and waste water. Dew waste water chemical products focus on improving the operational efficiency of industrial and process waste water and effluent systems.

Dew offer a complete range of Wastewater treatment chemicals including antifoams, polyelectrolyte and coagulants. Polyelectrolyte are synthetic polymers used for clarification, thickening or dewatering applications.

Dew products are used for Influent water clarification, Sludge dewatering, Oil reclamation, air flotation, air scrubbers in steel, aluminum and other industries , Wastewater clarification, Metal plating, waste thickening, Juice clarification and Dye removal.

Dew Waste Water Chemicals Range Includes: 

  • Antifoams and Defoamers
  • Acid and Alkali
  • Biofeeds
  • Bacteria Culture
  • Inorganic coagulants
  • Organic coagulants
  • Powder anionic polyelectrolyte
  • Powder cationic polyelectrolyte
  • Enzymes
  • Liquid anionic Flocculants
  • Liquid cationic Flocculants
  • Odour control
  • COD/BOD Reducer
  • Emulsifiers

Dew representatives work closely with you to develop a complete treatment program to achieve your operational and environmental compliance goals. Our expertise, world-class technologies, and wide range of customer-focused services are unmatched for facility-wide solutions.


  • Better Environmental compliance
  • Substantially Lower treatment costs
  • Equipment and Personnel safety
  • Environmental protection