Household / Commercial

Dew manufactures a wide range of chemicals that find applications in a variety of household, commercial and industrial application. The different product types, of highest purity and with different combinations of chemical and physical properties, are designed to achieve optimal performance levels in the specialist end products.

Detergent and Cleaner

Commercial and Industrial cleaning today depends upon higher working safety standards, reduced labour down-time, improved labour efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness, a healthier working environment and a general increase in productivity. We assist you in achieving all of these objectives, and more, through a well planned cleaning program with a professional product package. Whether removing years of baked on stamped in carbon & grease from rough concrete floors to light duty mopping of ceramic tiled office areas, we have a product system to satisfy every need.

Disinfectants & Antiseptics

Be it general sanitising of hard floors, deodorising toilets & washrooms or sterilising theatre areas, we have a product to satisfy every requirement. A comprehensive range of professional biocidal products is available with a dependable combination of technical support and service.

Toilets & Washrooms

With today’s heightened awareness & fear of disease transmission, toilet and washroom cleanliness has taken on an entirely new level of importance for most people. The maintenance of hygienic conditions in this environment demands systematic & effective cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We assist you in developing a highly effective & economical washroom cleaning program, by providing quality products for every application with expert technical back-up.

Hand Soaps & Dispensers

A high standard of personal hygiene is absolutely essential to the hospital, frail care and catering environment. Almost equally as important is effective hand cleaning in the industry and engineering area. We supply a comprehensive range of hand soaps and soap dispensers to effectively and economically satisfy every requirement.


Industrial institutional laundries are faced with the ever increasing need for greater efficiency, higher quality results and reduced or controlled operating costs. We offer a superior range of laundry products to provide the professional launderer with the solution to almost any problem.

Kitchens & Drains

The catering environment demands some of the highest levels of hygiene both in food preparation as well as waste disposal. We offer a complete integrated package of products designed to satisfy every kitchen requirement, and assist you in developing an operational set of standards for catering staff.

Food Grade Cleaners

Dew food grade cleaners are effective for cleaning food processing equipment and prolonging the life of food, beverage, and dairy processing equipment including difficult food grade dairy cleaning, or UF and RO installations without leaving interfering residues. The Dew food grade cleaners provide the extra level of assurance for difficult residues found on process equipment used from meat to milk processing.


For pharmaceutical cleaning and cleaning validation where cleaning of tanks, mixers, blenders and pharmaceutical cleaning tools and equipment is required, Dew detergents will remove the toughest residues, including insoluble tablet coatings like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, high potency/toxicity drugs and simethicone.

Restaurant Cleaning

Dew cleaning products pass the test in effectively solving critical restaurant cleaning challenges across the vast food service industry. Time and again when restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and school managers are stuck with a stubborn restaurant cleaning issue, they turn to Dew, for the answer. From transforming wine glasses to their original sparkling, scent and residue-free brilliance, to de-waxing and degreasing frying equipment to removing water scale on pasta cooker and steam trays, Dew products assist restaurant cleaning service providers in reducing restaurant cleaning time; saving labor costs, and maximizing food and service quality.

Dew powdered food grade service cleaner: Excellent grease cleaner. For manual and soak.

  • Cooking equipment: pots, pans, baking pans, fryers, cooking utensils, cutting boards, countertops
  • Tableware: dishware, silverware, glassware
  • Small ware

Facilities: floors, windows, sidewalks