Speciality Polymers

Nothing is impossible when it comes to innovative solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, Dew is the one you can trust when developing new and sustainable technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

Dew hybrid technologies, solves water related problem, providing chemists a novel alternative to traditional scale inhibitors by combining the benefits of synthetic and natural materials into one molecule.

DEWTREAT hybrids can be customized for the application by varying the chemical structures, functional group types and the density, all competitively priced relative to current technology. Plus superior prevention of calcium and iron deposits, all while offering notable environmental benefit. Dew is committed for developing and commercializing innovative chemistries and technologies that further pollution prevention and other environmental goals.

DEWTREAT lines of scale inhibitors were developed to control scale under extreme conditions, such as high cycle cooling waters, boilers, thermal and other applications where scale control is critical. This extensive product line has a scale control polymer to meet every application need.

Homopolymer and copolymer scale inhibitors, stabilizers, and dispersants for water treatment

DEWTREAT™ -HP- 1000 General purpose acrylic acid homopolymer scale inhibitor. Polyacrylic acid homopolymer (2000 Mw) for general purpose scale inhibition within water systems.
DEWTREAT™ -CP- 2000 Copolymer stabilizer, scale inhibitor, and dispersant for cooling water treatment. Caboxylate/Sulfonate co-polymer for scale inbition in presence of iron and phosphate stabilization.
DEWTREAT™ -TP- 3000 Terpolymer stabilizer and dispersant for water treatment. Superior scale inhibitor and dispersant for calcium carbonate and sulfate control.
DEWTREAT™ -QP- 4000 High performance scale inhibitor for scale prevention of reverse osmosis membranes and thermal desalination processes.
DEWTREAT™ -QP- 5000 Superior silica and magnesium silicate scale inhibitor and dispersant.