Chemical Cleaning

Dew brought to you world’s best in Chemicals Cleaning and Specialty repairs. You can’t find a more comprehensive offering of chemical cleaning, maintenance, repair and revamping services for your critical infrastructures. And no one does it all faster, safer or better.

Dew is the world leader in industrial cleaning, providing routine, daily and turnaround cleaning and maintenance services, including hydroblasting, vacuuming, and chemical and tank cleaning.

You can count on us to handle the most difficult cleaning problems – from precise hydrocutting to cleaning miles of complex process piping. Our custom-designed tools, plus one of the newest and largest equipment fleets in the industry, provide unmatched speed, effectiveness, and safety. We can offer you the most complete set of services. Whether you need to maintain aging equipment, increase output or drive continuous improvement in performance and safety, turn to the company with the best resources to get it done.

Dew passivate and clean critical infrastructures that keep the energy industry online. With integrated services in industrial cleaning and specialty repair and overhaul, Dew empowers energy providers to meet the world’s growing demands for their resources. Through industry-leading technology and proven processes, implemented by highly skilled specialists.

  • Fossil Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Refining
  • Waste to Energy / Biomass
  • Industrial Processing Plants

Whether you need to maintain aging equipment, find ways to increase output or drive continuous improvement, turn to the company with the unmatched resources to get it done. Turn to Dew.

Dew understands that every minute your plant or piece of equipment is offline means lost productivity, revenue and profits. We are committed to developing the solutions that can be implemented faster and last longer minimizing your downtime now and in the future. Automation and advanced tooling substantially improve the quality of repairs, speed of service and safety of personnel.

We can handle everything from the planning and support for a major turnaround to 24-hour emergency response to emergent situations. Our highly trained and specialized craft can be mobilized anywhere in the world. And we feature the industry’s largest portfolio of proven and qualified weld procedures. Let us help you determine the best solution for your particular, unique needs.

Industrial Cleaning

Maintaining your plant and process systems in top operating condition is critical to operating at maximum efficiency and controlling operations costs. Dew provides routine, daily and turnaround cleaning and maintenance services.

Dew services offers you: 

  • Solutions for difficult cleaning challenges – from vessels to cleaning miles of complex process piping.
  • Continuous investment in automation and training to improve safety, reduce downtime and increase quality and consistency.
  • Manages Services program to drive continuous improvement.

All plants require periodic chemical cleaning schedule. You need a specialty cleaning company that can perform the work quickly, without having to sacrifice quality and safety.

Dew understands that every energy-sector industry – Fossil Power, Nuclear, Petro-Chemical, Refining, Waste-to-Energy/Biomass, and Industrial Processing – faces different challenges. Environmental factors, emerging technologies, labor pressures, growing demand and more – all drive the quest for newer and better industrial cleaning and specialty repair solutions.

At Dew, we are committed to developing customized solutions that fit your individual needs.