Chemical Processing

Efficiency, reliability and productivity are three critical needs important in all sectors of the chemical industry, and we understand that all of these are vitally important to your bottom line.

Dew is leader in water and process treatment provider to the chemical industry, with more than 20 years of relevant experience. Our mission is to create value for our chemical customers by implementing solutions that are sustainable, reliable, efficient and profitable. With our focus on resource management (water, energy, materials), emissions reduction, and innovative cost management, we can assist you in improving your plant’s business and environmental performance. Our novel services and solutions help you meet your plant’s goals by achieving the following:

  • Performance improvement
  • Asset preservation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Reliable operations
  • Reduced total operational cost
  • Improved production rates
  • Improved productivity
  • Optimized performance and life of critical equipment
  • Increased process uptime
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Improved safety
  • Cost-effective compliance

Caustic, Chlorine, Ethylene, styrene, ammonia, and other chemical producers need longer run times, less fouling, and improved compliance with safety regulations. We have a complete line of chemical and equipment’s treatments to help you.

Chemical producers have unique needs that require efficient and safe solutions. For example, butadiene producers worry about the formation of sheet and popcorn polymer. Ammonia and fertilizer producers need antifoaming and corrosion protection for amine scrubbers.

With decades of experience in each product sector, Dew can deliver industry-leading technologies that are tailored to suit your operating requirements.

Other industry segments we serve and offer innovative programs for include :

  • Ammonia & Fertilizer
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Industrial Gases
  • Petrochemicals

Raw Water Clarification

Dew water clarification programs are designed to enhance removal of TSS, color, TOC, minimize sludge volume, help with environmental compliance and improve the use of existing mechanical treatment methods with chemical precipitation.

Cooling Water Treatment

We understand that cooling water systems are an integral part of process operations in many industries, with the possibility of productivity and product quality being adversely affected by scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological contamination.

These problems can be very costly when they cause the loss of heat transfer, equipment failure, and health and safety concerns. Dew uses a unique engineering approach, looking at your total system from mechanical, operational and chemical angles. We can provide best in class solutions tailored to your open recirculating, once-through, closed loop, geothermal, and process cooling systems.

We offer a complete line of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, algaecides and biodispersants that are effective in many different cooling water applications, including open recirculating cooling towers, once-through cooling systems, closed loop cooling systems, air washers, cooling ponds, and pasteurizers. Dew offers a full line of products for closed loop cooling applications.

Boiler Water Treatment

A single day of lost steam production can cost you much more than the cost for one or two years of our boiler treatment programs. While our program costs may not significantly impact your bottom line, we understand that our results do, and we are passionate about helping you produce reliable, safe, and cost-effective steam. Successful boiler operation requires a total system approach to:

  • Prepare feedwater before it goes to the boiler
  • Protect and keep the internal boiler surfaces clean
  • Maximize condensate return

We can perform detailed system audits and diagnostics to prescribe the best chemical, equipment and service programs to maximize your boiler system performance and efficiency. Through utilizing our innovative programs, we can help you achieve water and energy savings, asset preservation, and increased plant reliability and safety. We also offer a number of feedwater Treatment programs to help meet your needs. Feedwater is water added to the boiler to replace evaporation and blowdown.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. If you think about it, there are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. Dew offers a number of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire waste water operation from primary clarification to discharge. Dew understands that effective primary waste water treatment is critical to your plant operations, whether you are discharging directly to a municipal wastewater treament system or treating prior to your biological waste water treatment system. Optimizing the performance of treatment chemicals and equipment can dramatically minimize overall costs and maximize your return on investment, and we can provide creative solutions to help meet your most stringent water quality requirements.