This is a highly effective cationic polymer designed for improving color of sugar remelt / syrup in sugar mills and sugar refineries. It also removes certain high molecular weight impurities present in sugar remelt and syrup. Additionally, it helps to convert impurities into primary flocs in the subsequent process of phosflotation.


  • Removes certain coloring matter from sugar remelt/syrup
  • Improves color of sugar remelt/syrup

Decoloursing Process

Dew ion exchange sugar refining process is designed to decolorize sugar remelt after pretreatment methods like phosflotation or carbonation. It operates by passing the pretreated sugar melt through a combination of specially suited ion exchange resin columns. These resins have the capacity to absorb the color precursors. The exhausted resin bed can be effectively regenerated using sodium chloride salt solution.


  • Good color removal capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Good adsorption
  • Works at higher mechanical and osmotic pressure, hence longer life
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Simple and economical