Sugar Defoamer

Foam can be a significant challenge in various industries, including sugar production from cane, both indoors and outdoors. Typically, foam forms due to the action of surfactants containing hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, leading to the stable formation of foam bubbles.

DEW offers a range of defoamers designed to disrupt this foam equilibrium and facilitate the escape of air, effectively managing foam-related issues. Our defoamers are insoluble in water and slowly rise to the surface, allowing for efficient foam control. Additionally, some products offer dispersibility in water for better distribution in the medium and penetration to individual bubbles.

Choosing the right defoamer for your specific application may require testing different product categories to determine the most suitable option. Our experienced technicians can provide guidance on conducting tests and selecting the optimal defoamer for your needs.

Explore our technical literature center for comprehensive details on our defoamer offerings. Experience effective foam management with DEW Defoamers.