Food & Beverage

Dew is serving food and beverage industry from last two decades. Whether you have a biscuits, food refinery, distillery, brewery or snack foods manufacturer, Dew has built a water treatment portfolio to target specific challenges like production uptime, foam control, and cleaning regulation. See how technologies like reverse osmosis (RO) and remote monitoring can help you reduce operating costs, conserve energy, and comply government regulations.

  • Recover the maximum amount of water from your ingredient water systems
  • Recover valuable by-products (sugar, protein & starch)
  • Protect and treat cooling towers & boilers
  • Clean wastewater for discharge or reuse, thus improving your water-use ratio
  • Treat process water for reclaim or separation
  • Improve uptime with remote monitoring & diagnostics
  • Measure water quality at all stages

Improving Water quality

Worldwide with growing populations and decrease in available fresh water supplies, more stringent regulations. Cities worldwide are turning to Dew drinking water treatment solutions to help optimize resources and provide high-purity.

  • Meet the increased water demands of a growing population and overcome water scarcity issues
  • Treat challenging source water while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements
  • Deliver high performance water purification at the lowest life-cycle costs
  • Address your water needs within your current plant footprint


The management of water and chemicals is imperative to your business operations. The most basic need is to measure key parameters and ensure the reliable delivery of chemistry to your assets. The next step is to go beyond monitoring and use software analytics to optimize your performance and costs. Dew sophisticated automation, control, and monitoring software can help your team increase performance while keeping operations sage.

  • Remote monitoring of all the processes including cooling and boiler water treatment
  • Real-time testing that frees up your personnel to be more productive in other areas
  • Efficient management of water use and consumption
  • Consistent application of the right amount of chemicals
  • Smart alarming on events and trends before they threaten production or assets

Effluent Treatment Plant

As effluent generated from food industry may vary in quality and quantity. Dew deploy customer specific effluent treatment plant to meet government norms and to recycle maximum water possible.