Mobile Units

DEW Mobile Water understands that plant downtime or not being able to meet emergencies demands is not an option.

DEW offers the world’s most advanced fleet of mobile water treatment systems, providing rapid response for a full range of drinking water, reverse osmosis, filtration, demineralization, softening treatment on demand. Mobile water treatment is available quickly for either emergency supplemental or extended term service.

Systems Available

  • Mobile RO
  • Ultrafiltration Systems
  • Softners
  • Demineralisers
  • Pressure Sand
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Iron Removal Filters
  • Microfiltration
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment

DEW provides all aspects of treatment, from system analysis and design through installation, maintenance, upgrades, and emergency response. Included are immediate system backup, complete analytical laboratory, application and engineering consultants.

Remote Camps or Industries

DEW water and wastewater System is the perfect answer for the mining, oil, and gas industries, or for recreational sites. Dew mobile units can treat waste water to a level where it can be reused for dust control, surface discharge, or subsurface dispersal.


Dew Mobile can be rapidly deployed for a military unit on the go and can be configured to treat to levels suitable for surface discharge (e.g. for dust control). This portable solution from Dew can be customized to include latrine and shower facilities for a comprehensive camp wastewater solution. Dew Mobile units can be quickly disconnected for redeployment.

Emergency/Disaster Relief

When an emergency strikes, wastewater problems are critical but can be difficult to cope with. However, Dew Mobile can be delivered for quick set-up, reducing the impact on those affected by the disaster, and on the environment too.

Industrial Emergencies

  • Your in-house water system suddenly goes off-spec
  • An accident damages your water system’s controls
  • Feed water quality dramatically changes, and your system cannot meet quality specifications
  • A drought stresses water supplies, changing your water source such that your system cannot adjust
  • You face a seasonal increase in production demand
  • You need more boiler feed water to ramp up production at a new facility
  • Your water system will be shut down for extensive maintenance or to install new equipment

All equipment is manufactured by DEW to ISO 9001 quality standards. Let DEW show you all the many ways Mobile Water service can drive business performance and profit.


  • Production continuity
  • Productivity loss prevention
  • Meeting seasonal demands
  • Save time and capital investment
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Safe operation and regulatory compliance