Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes often generate strong and persistent odours, which can be a nuisance to surrounding areas. Dew offers comprehensive odour control products designed to manage these smells effectively at strategic points throughout the treatment process.

Common Odour-Generating Areas:

  • Pump stations
  • Clarifiers
  • Digesters
  • Aeration basins
  • Sludge handling areas

Types of Odours:

Odours associated with wastewater treatment include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, mercaptans, amines, and indoles.

Tailored Solutions for Every Plant:

Each wastewater treatment plant has its own unique odour challenges. Dew’s odour control products can be strategically deployed to manage these smells efficiently.

Primary Treatment:

Hydrogen sulfide, a major concern, can be effectively controlled with Dew’s fogging systems installed at bar screens and digesters. Our products can also be diluted with plant water for cost-effective operation.


Simple atomization systems near unloading points can provide temporary odour control for raw sewage, addressing community concerns effectively.

Bioreactors, Aeration, and Activated Sludge:

Dew offers customized odour control solutions to neutralize odours emitted from large, uncovered holding tanks for activated sludge.

Food Processing Plants:

Dew’s odour neutralization products are approved for use in food processing plants, effectively removing odours from both processed food and wastewater.

Process of Odour Control:

Dew’s odour control products employ a combination of actions, including neutralization, balancing, settling, and breakdown, to effectively eliminate foul odours below perceptible levels.

Environmental Responsibility:

Choosing environmentally friendly odour control solutions is crucial in industries focused on purity. Dew offers biodegradable odour management solutions to ensure environmental sustainability.

For more information about Dew’s effective and environmentally friendly odour control solutions, contact us today. Experience the difference in odour management with Dew.