Zero Liquid Discharge

ZLD systems employ the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced. Dew provides equipment for industrial and sewage plants to effectively reuse their wastewater effluent in order to achieve zero liquid discharge.

ZLD systems provide numerous economic and environmental advantages for plant managers-water is recycled and reused, saving on the cost and treatment of raw water. Since all water is reclaimed, no effluent is discharged from the plant, avoiding the cost of environmental impact.

At Dew, we are dedicated to delivering innovative ZLD solutions tailored to the unique requirements of industrial and sewage plants. Our comprehensive range of equipment and expertise enables us to support clients in achieving their sustainability goals while optimizing operational performance.

At Dew, we offer a suite of advanced processes to efficiently manage water cycles for industrial applications, addressing the pressing need for sustainable water management and conservation. Our range of processes includes:

  • Filtration and Segregation
  • Biological Treatment
  • Physical and Chemical Separation
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Concentrate Recovery and Treatment

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems: A Sustainable Solution

In response to the increasing scarcity of freshwater resources, environmental concerns regarding industrial wastewater discharge, and tightening regulatory controls, Dew provides cutting-edge Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems. These systems offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Removal of dissolved solids from wastewater, returning distilled water to the process
  • Utilization of reverse osmosis (membrane filtration) to concentrate waste streams, minimizing the volume requiring further treatment
  • Energy-efficient falling film evaporation to concentrate water up to crystallization point, followed by forced-circulation crystallization to form crystals
  • Dewatering of crystal-laden brine and recycling of collected condensate, eliminating liquid discharge

Customized ZLD Solutions from Dew

With over 20 years of expertise in designing, delivering, commissioning, and servicing ZLD systems, Dew offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies tailored to your specific needs. Our ZLD solutions incorporate a range of equipment, including ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), electrodeionization (EDI), and ion exchange, ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features of Dew ZLD Systems:

  • Potential reduction in water consumption by up to 90%, leading to cost savings and environmental protection
  • Comprehensive range of technologies, including brine concentrators, evaporators, and crystallizers
  • Tailored solutions to fit your wastewater characteristics, flow rates, and end-product requirements


Benefits of ZLD Evaporator and Crystallizer Systems:

  • Recovery of distilled water from waste streams
  • Reduction of wastewater discharge, with potential capture of valuable by-products
  • Flexibility to adjust treatment processes based on specific plant needs
    Comprehensive Support from Dew


Dew also offers pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to ensure the efficacy of treatment prior to installation. Additionally, we provide parts and service for all equipment, including those from other manufacturers, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Experience the benefits of sustainable water management with Dew’s innovative ZLD solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced processes can enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and meet regulatory requirements for your industrial water treatment needs.